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1.0.0 Exe Installer
1.0.0 Exe Installer
Standard Windows installer making ImmersEd available from your Start Menu.
1.0.0 Portable Zip
1.0.0 Portable Zip
ImmersEd as a standalone that can be run from wherever you choose, such as a flash drive.


ImmersEd benefits from the use of several open source libraries and from creative commons sound assets:

  • AvalonEdit provides the core text editing component. AvalonEdit’s primary author is Daniel Grunwald and it is part of the SharpDevelop project.
  • NHunspell is a .Net wrapper for Hunspell, which is the spell-checking engine in ImmersEd.
  • Nini provides the configuration file functionality for ImmersEd.
  • NRtfTree is used by ImmersEd when reading and writing RTF files.

ImmersEd's sound themes are derived from original recordings sourced on freesound.org. Credit to users: